Astrology and Characters

The recent reports about all the astrological signs being wrong and a thirteenth (how unlucky would that be?) sign are total nonsense. This article explains it better than I ever could.  (Thanks, Jezanna) Okay, so some people would say that astrology is total nonsense to begin with, but I find it interesting and amusing, also, a fun tool for dissecting my characters.

Katrina, while she calls herself a creature of fire and air, is a Scorpio. Guarded does not begin to describe her. I’m not sure what her rising sign is. Her past experiences make her withdrawn and people have to look past the hard surface to find the fiercely loyal and protective person underneath. She probably has a Cancer or Leo moon.

Greyson is definitely a Taurus. The guy is a rock, which is exactly what Katrina needs when the tidal wave of her life threatens to drown her. He has tremendous self-control which comes in handy on several occasions, but once he is pushed past his limit, watch out. A demon on a rampage would be less dangerous, but even then, is it a controlled fury. He’s still revealing himself to me, to Katrina and the readers. Why is that? Because I see my fictional world through Katrina’s eyes. She’s the narrator as well as the protagonist. I see what she sees. Only problem: she’s often too wrapped up in her own head to look closely at those around her. That’s changing, though. In book two, her old support system disintegrates and she has to rely on a new one. That means trusting people other than her two makers for the first time in four decades. Can she handle it? That is yet to be seen.

Abbey was born under Cancer. She cares passionately for her chosen family and shows that by giving them the best home and safe haven possible. She’s the comforter, and just as essential to the group as Katrina the Protector and Greyson the Rock. I think Abbey might be a Libra rising, she’s social enough. She definitely has a Pisces moon. Many psychic/empathic people do. Abbey’s abilities are going to become more important to herself and everyone else. The problem with that is other “people” will notice her talents as well.

As for the silliness about the extra zodiac sign and everyone not being the sign they think they are… I’m a firm believer in following your feelings. I, for one, feel like a Virgo, and no silly article by a lone astronomer who doesn’t understand the system is going to turn me into a Leo. I am so not a fire sign.


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  1. I call astrology my “parlour trick” and it is very handy for character analysis.

    “Only problem: she’s often too wrapped up in her own head to look closely at those around her.” I’m a Scorpio and oh-my-God-yes! Our perceptiveness tends towards sensing danger (I literally have a Spidey-sense) but at other times we can be woefully obtuse – both about others and even about true self-reflection. We’re a weird sign.

    I love Virgos. Ya’ll are fun if we don’t stress you out. All the ones I’ve known get along well with our pets and enjoy pitching in on group projects.

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