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Oatmeal cookies, anyone?

Frankly, I’ve always wondered why anyone would ruin a perfectly good cookie by putting oatmeal in it. Don’t even get me started on raisins. They’re just humiliated grapes, you know. (points to anyone who gets that movie reference)

My darling husband has been lobbying for oatmeal cookies for years. It never happened because I don’t like them and much as he would like it, my DH doesn’t get a whole batch of cookies to himself. Some coworkers have also requested oatmeal cookies, so I decided to make them and see what happened. DH is more than happy to serve as quality control. (or at least, that’s what he calls it when he goes all cookie monster on my fresh baked goodies)

A literary side note: Abbey, my character in Odonata: City of Night would definitely favor anything made with oatmeal, being a health food type person. Katrina would like them because Odonata focus on food a lot. Superhuman senses mean that she can taste individual ingredients. Imagine a constant, intense flavor explosion on your tongue. If you could have that, wouldn’t you enjoy food as often as possible?

I used the recipe on the Quaker Oats lid, doubled it and used my beloved cookie dough scooper. Only alterations: including the optional cinnamon and extra vanilla – because I put extra vanilla in everything. I don’t measure. I just pour and stop when it feels right.

The first three dozen were raisin free, the final four were full of humiliated grapes. The batter was sticky and lumpy, and I couldn’t really tell when they were done. Looking for golden brown around the edges was the answer. Even then, they were pretty mushy when they came out of the oven. I was concerned that they were undercooked, but Cookie Monster… I mean, my DH, pronounced them perfectly chewy and good.

Here’s some pics. I didn’t try them, so I can’t say how they taste. My kind of cookies involve chocolate, not oats and raisins. But I’ll take a bunch to the office tomorrow, and I doubt I’ll get any complaints. 

Without raisins:

And with:


Poor Little Neglected Blog

Okay, I’ve been away for a while. Not really away. Not away from home, though there was a week and a half vacation in there sometime in May. Just away from this blog. Away from all the many things I should be doing to keep myself current and relevant in the cyberverse. I don’t Twitter or tweet or whatever that often either. Shrug.

There have been a few appearances, mostly during a blog tour in the end of April and beginning of May. They’re listed on my website on the Appearances page.

Appearing on other blogs was a good way to see what I was doing wrong (or just not doing at all) on my own. So a special thanks to everyone listed above, not just for the reviews or for letting me post a guest rant (I mean blog) on their page, but for the excellent examples they set. I aspire to be more like them.

So, with that stated, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Book reviews. I’ve zipped through three books in the past week, mostly big name authors who don’t need any help from me, but I’ll start there. And soon, very soon, I promise, I’ll write some for fellow authors who are in the same boat as me. I’m talking about the newly published, those of us who don’t get our own table in the isles of Barnes & Noble so people wandering by will pick up our book and maybe buy it. Writers in that category have to try desperately to get the word out there, and every little bit of publicity helps. I know. I’m right there. So, my fellow unknown authors, I don’t know how much help I’ll be, but I’ll do what I can, and together we’ll muddle through.  Finally getting published isn’t what we thought it would be. I’ll talk about that in another blog.

Baking adventures: In Odonata: City of Night we meet Abbey Marquez, a human and compulsive baker. Since Odonata love to eat, she and my protagonist, Katrina, get along very well. Abbey has a secret element in her baking, but you have to read the book to find out what that is. I don’t have Abbey’s abilities. I really can’t cook worth a damn, but I do bake. My coworkers enjoy the benefits, mostly so I don’t have an entire batch of cookies or cupcakes at home. With just the two of us here, that’s a lot of sweets to go around. So there will be some blogs about the treats I make, and pictures too. Here’s the first one:


This is a book I’ve just ordered and canNOT wait to read. I mean honestly, who can resist those beautiful photos? I can’t. Here’s the website in case you want to check it out for yourself:  Note: I won’t be posting any recipes, just my results. We’ll see if I can make something like Abbey would.

Other Stuff: And of course, there will still be the usual rants about music and the writing life. Maybe I can get some other writers to stop by and say “hello” as well. Because after all, who wants to listen to me all the time? 😉

So come along for the ride. This should be fun.