Will e-books destroy home libraries?


The question posed by this article is: Will the home library survive the e-book?

Personally, I’ve been reading e-books for quite a while. My first e-book device was a palm pilot. Need I say more? Sprawled over the databases of my PC and laptop, and the virtual bookshelves that Amazon and  www.ereader.com are nice enough to keep for me, I have close to 200 e-books. This past year, my DH (darling husband) bought me a Kindle to celebrate my new job. I love my Kindle. I love that I can read e-books on a Kindle app on my phone and that the Kindle device and my phone will “whisper” (synch) to each other to keep me on the right page. Also, I can download audio books from Audible.com and play those on my Kindle too. Great little device. It’s in this picture somewhere. Can you see it?  No? Neither can I.

That’s my fiction section.

Here’s non-fiction, not quite so full:


And there’s my answer about the home library vs the e-book. My home library is doing just fine, thank you. My enjoyment of e-books has had little effect on my enjoyment of paper books. Actually, I’ve read many e-books and then bought the paper version. Why not? The convenience of an e-reader is undeniable, just like my beloved MP3 player. It’s not like I can carry my whole paper library with me, any more than I can carry my whole CD library with me. On vacation, a Kindle is easier to carry than even a paperback, let alone a hard cover. And if I finish reading one book, another is there waiting.

Best of all, there’s an instant gratification aspect to e-readers. I can shop from pretty much anywhere and have a new book within seconds. If a new Charlaine Harris book comes out, I can download it and start reading at 12:01 am on release day.

But then again, there’s the joy of arranging my paper books on the shelves. I spent three excellent days filling my new bookshelves, (after my DH finished building them) and much more time tweaking my arrangement. I don’t see myself stopping that any time soon.

My answer for paper books vs e-books is always the same. Why not have both?


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  1. Jerri Cornelius

    I agree with you. I love my nook but I also like having a hard copy of those books I really like. Wish I had those bookcases.

  2. I agree with why not have both? Some people will have more of one or the other, depending on how much they travel or whatever. Both sounds good to me. Now I just need to get an e-reader. 🙂

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