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Love may be like Oxygen, but exercise is like Prozac

I hate springtime. Seriously, hate the season, especially after a winter like we just had. It never warms up fast enough for me. There are a few nice days, like a tease, and then ZAP back to cold and rainy. Throw in some kind of viral chest cold on top of the tree pollen that has had me wheezing for weeks, and yeah, I’m pretty miserable. The Odonata, my supernatural race of creatures, are sun worshippers, and that’s not just because dragonflies can’t move until the morning sun hits them. It’s because I need the sun too, both for the warmth and the mood boost I get from the rays.

 So the viral whatever has finally cleared up, and the recent rain has washed away the worst of the tree pollen. I found that I could breathe again without too much deep chest whistling. Hooray for that. No sun today and the weather is freaking cold. Very tempting to just spend the day like a couch potato, wrapped in a blanket watching TV, preferably with a fluffy purring cat nearby. That is what my main character, Katrina, would do. She’d have some hot chocolate too while she was at it.

Of course, I’m not Katrina. So, while I felt like being a couch potato, I dragged my butt downstairs and got on the treadmill instead. I had the Winchester boys (season 2 of Supernatural ) for company, and didn’t push myself too hard since I have been avoiding aerobic activity for entirely too long. Nevertheless, the workout had the same effect that exercise always has. My mood brightened. Suddenly I had energy. Empty the dishwasher? Sure. Kitty litter pan? No problem. Hell, I even felt ambitious enough to write a blog.

 So yeah, while working out is good for losing weight and getting in shape, it’s also great for staying upbeat on a rainy spring day.